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FREE health coaching

“helping transportation professionals arrive home safer, healthier & happier

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MeMD Subscription

From: $89.95 every 3 months

Perfect solution for owner & Lease Operators

Healthy Trucking of America has partnered with MeMD to offer you and your family members access to primary care delivered virtually. Virtual primary care is a service that helps you handle your healthcare in many of the same ways as in-person primary care physician can, just over the phone or by video.



our plan is oversized for you and your family

  1. Managing your health from home or In The Cab
  2. Select your own board-certified virtual primary care provider
  3. Virtual visits within days from anywhere in the country
  4. Virtual wellness exams
  5. E-prescriptions and refills while on the road or at home
  6. Manage chronic health conditions
  7. Labs, referrals, and specialists
  8. $0 per virtual visit
  9. 24/7/365 access for minor illnesses and injury
  10. FREE Health Coach Assistance

Got Questions? Click on links below to learn more about the services MeMD provides:

If you have further questions, call 1-800-800-1198 and speak with a Health Coach.

Have some questions you need answered before moving forward?  We understand.  Call 1-800-800-1198 and just say “Health Coach”.  It will put you into immediate contact with someone that can help you.  Feel free to fill out the form below and someone will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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